Asbestos Found in Makeup Product

The Scientific Analytical Institute laboratory in Greensboro, North Carolina discovered the presence of asbestos in a makeup called “Just Shine Shimmer Powder”, sold by Justice. In addition to asbestos, four heavy metals were also found. The lab’s report states that asbestos contaminated talcum powder may have been used while producing the makeup. The product has since been listed as “out of stock” on Justice’s website.

Asbestos in cosmetics has been a problem for years now. It can contaminate talc, the mineral used in a large number of consumer products. One is more likely to inhale the asbestos contaminating talcum powder in an enclosed space, such as a bathroom.

According to 2014 reports, the number of people getting sick or dying due to asbestos in talc is growing. Asbestos is often found in cosmetics, as well as body and baby powder, according to laboratory analysis and court documents.

If you use baby powder, use cornstarch-based products instead.

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