EPA Proposes Strengthening the Dust-Lead Hazard Standards to Reduce Exposures to Children

On June 22nd, the EPA released a proposal to lower dust-lead hazard standards. Strengthening these standards are an important part of the EPA’s strategy in its efforts to combat childhood lead exposure, which is one of its top priorities.

The current proposed standards would change the allowed dust-lead volumes from 40 µg/ft2 and 250 µg/ft2 to 10 µg/ft2 and 100 µg/ft2 for floors and window sills, respectively.

Currently, there is no proposed change to the definition of lead-based paint because the EPA does not possess enough information to support a change.

For more information, view the official EPA news release here: https://www.epa.gov/newsreleases/epa-proposes-strengthening-dust-lead-hazard-standards-reduce-exposures-children

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